Plzeňský kraj

The Pilsen Region is situated in the south-west of Bohemia, and its border runs along the borders of the Czech Republic and neighbors with Germany. The region is divided into 7 districts, 3 of which are the regional city of Pilsen, then Klatovy, Domažlice, Tachov and Rokycany.

In this region you will find countless natural beauties, from the Šumava National Park to the Protected Landscape Area of ​​Křivoklátsko. Among the water phenomena, the Vodní hamr in Dobříš, Černé jezero v Šumavě, which has an area of ​​18.4 hectares and, last but not least, the Odlezelské (Mladotické) lake, which is the smallest in the Czech Republic, belongs to the Pilsen Region. A great rarity is Konstantinovy ​​lázně, a place where the mineral carbon dioxide has the highest content of free carbon dioxide.

Among the castles worth seeing include Rabí, Kašperk and Zbiroh. For those of you who prefer monasteries, there are several of them in the region, such as Kladruby Monastery and Plasy Monastery. You can also visit one of the largest medieval squares in the Czech Republic, namely the Republic Square in Pilsen, or you can visit the smallest museum in the Czech Republic, which is located in Křenove and exhibits various types of scales.

Other attractions are Katakomby or the Baroque Pharmacy of the White Unicorn in Klatovy, the concert in Sušice, where the production of matches began already in 1839 and works until today and last but not least the Domažlice slopes tower and for lovers of fauna and flora. Botanic Garden.

Transportation: You can use the airport in the neighboring region of Karlovy Vary or Prague airport to get to the Pilsen region, from where you can easily get by train or bus to your desired destination. It is true that there is an airport in the regional city of Pilsen, but it is public only for domestic flights. As in all regions of the Czech Republic, you can rent a car or take advantage of a taxi service.