castle hotel

The architecture of these hotels is reminded of castles, or they are directly castle hotels. Their design is set in a chateau environment, which in women can evoke feelings of princesses and castle ladies. Most of these hotels offer plenty of spa and wellness treatments. If you would like to have a unique experience by the end of life, we definitely recommend you to choose from a category of castle hotels.

historical hotel

Mostly their architecture resembles a castle or fortress, or fortresses and castles converted into hotels. This category is definitely interesting by the fact that you are directly in the castle, which has mostly undergone minor modifications, and you will find arched ceilings and historic architecture that is in perfect harmony with modern technologies.

mountain hotel

Architecturally embedded in nature so as not to interfere with it. Still enjoyable in nature. Those of you who love nature and like to discover different parts of the country and their rest is included in the active category, we have several mountain hotels to visit, both in winter when you call skiers and in the summer when you exchange them for Hiking shoes.


In the Vila category, you will find hotels that have been lengthened by the villa and therefore have fewer rooms and more privacy. The ideal choice for those of you who prefer smaller and cozy ones. This, of course, does not mean that you will not find larger rooms and apartments in this category. They are just more private.

design hotel

The interior of the hotel is specific by being tuned into a theme. It can be absolutely anything, from Asia to musical styles. We believe that this category includes several exceptional hotels that you will want to visit.

modern hotel

The architecture of modern hotels excels with its minimalist, modern and tasteful design. Everything is matched to the smallest detail so that it beautifully blends with the overall atmosphere. Hotels in this category will surely be entertaining. We believe you will want to return to these places.